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Sunday, May 12, 2013

We have TEN titles in the National Book Trust India's 'Books from India' catalogue

One of the joys of being a publisher is seeing your books get national recognition. And this is just what has recently been bestowed on ten of our titles. The National Book Trust India, the Government of India body responsible for the promotion of Indian writing and books internationally, has recently published Books from India: A Rights Catalogue to showcase the best of books published across India in various languages and genres at international book fairs through 2013.

And yes, in that illustrious list of books are TEN of our titles. These are::

Curse of Grass - the story of the women and children of the Thar region in Rajasthan who clung to trees back in 1730 AD to prevent them from being cut;

Lighthouse in the Storm - twenty four heartwarming stories on love and loss, disaster and personal grief, abuse and aggression, sensitively written by well-known Indian children's authors;

Not Out: Hereos from the World of Sports - a dozen real-life stories and events that had a profound impact not just on the world of sport, but on our lives as well;

Now or Never - a story based on the relationship of a son with his father, a champion boxer, who had left the sport;

Premchand's Selected Short Stories containing seven of his masterpirces that have transcended time and place;

Rajdhani Express Mystery and Other Stories of the schoolboy Gogol, gifted with the instinct to sniff out crime and resolve mysteries;

The Hare in the Moon
that recounts the story of how and why things happen;

The wonderful story of a boy who scores thirteen in Mathematics, is humiliated and goes out of his house only to encounter The Ghost of Gosain Bagan; and

The two Adventures of Kakababu, The King of the Verdant Island.and the 2012 IBBY Honor List awarded The Dreadful Beauty.

Needless to say, we are in the height of delight and congratulate the authors who entrusted us with their work.

We are humbled. Honoured. And hope to be worthy of your trust in the coming days.

(Books from India: A Rights Catalogue is an indicative list of the best of recent books published by Indian publishers and is targeted at international publishers who are interested in publishing a title listed in the catalogue in their language or country.)

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