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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Passge to Adventure by Cheryl Rao

A Passage to Adventure

Cheryl Rao

‘Your Dad’s getting married—eww!’

Sunny is devastated to hear about the impending marriage of his father with a fashion designer, who has two daughters of her own.

Things don’t get too much better as Sunny and his two best friends, the twins Vivek and Veena, end up in Kanpur spending the vacation with his two new sisters, Arundhati and Pragyavati, and their grandmother. 

Sparks—and chilli powder—fly. And all their grandmother can do is watch as a tacit war is declared. And even the police gets involved! 

And then, one of them goes missing.  

 But will they be able to overcome their differences?


Cheryl Rao enjoys writing adventure and strange stories for children and teenagers. Some of her books are A Friend for Raju, A Mixed Score:Ghost and other stories, Camp Adventure, and Adventures in the Desert. She also writes for younger readers. Dusty the Dachshund, Late for School, The Kite Festival, Little Painters, are among her titles for younger readers.

She conducts creative writing programmes for children and has written Fun with Creative Writing, a series of workbooks for children from Level 1 to 8, and contributes regularly to various children’s magazines and newspapers. 

Buy A Passage to Adventure at http://bit.ly/1dBqtY6

ISBN: 978-93-80637-09-9 / Paperback / B Format / 112 pages / INR 125

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