Monday, February 20, 2012

Acclaimed children's writer Nilima Sinha's new mystery novel

Search for the Sacred Gem

Nilima Sinha

Seek you that precious gem,
Look for it in every glen.

These lines, etched on a stone, set off an exciting chain of events. Shankar, who discovers the stone tablet, embarks on a trail of thrilling adventures seeking out a mysterious gem.

Helped by a loyal Dev and a brave Tara, Shankar and his friends come face to face with the rich and exciting history of a changing nation. From unravelling cryptic messages to facing treachery on the banks of the Ganga to helping the wounded on the battlefield, Shankar traverses the distance from his quiet village to distant lands in search of this precious gem that holds a greater secret.

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ISBN 978-93-80637-07-5 / Paperback / B Format / 184 pages / Rs. 175

Discover the stories behind how and why certain things happen

The Hare in the MoonTales of How and Why

Pratibha Nath
Early man was overawed by the forces of nature and by the strangeness of natural phenomena. Unable to properly explain why a certain thing happened, he invented stories to explain it. In time, he had invented a story for everything—lightning and thunder, forests, the sun, the moon and the Milky Way, birds and beasts. The themes were simple, and so were the characters—simple men and women, or humanized animals.

The Hare in the Moon—Tales of How and Why is a collection of such stories that, in their own way, explain the mysterious aspects of nature. They not only entertain but also instruct.

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ISBN 978-93-80637-02-0 / Paperback / B Format / 100 pages with 30 b&w illustrations / Rs. 99