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Monday, April 25, 2011

Search for the missing diamond with Mitin masi

The Arakiel DiamondSuchitra Bhattacharya
Translated from Bengali by Swapna Dutta

The Arakiel Diamond—a family heirloom—is stolen from the safe the night its rightful owner, Joseph Arakiel, dies of a sudden heart attack...

Apparently many people were in and out of the room that night—the watchman, the tenants, Joseph's nephew Harry and his wife Susan, niece Hasmik, the maid—to name just a few.

Tired of the dilly-dallying of the police, Hasmik decided to take the help of the Third Eye, a detective agency run by Mitin and her niece Tupur, who have recently shot into fame by solving quite a few mysterious cases. As Mitin masi investigates, she discovers the puzzling fact that nearly all of them had the chance of taking the diamond. And what's more, all of them had a motive as well!

Does the Third Eye succeed in tracking down the real culprit? And retrieve the missing diamond?

Buy The Arakiel Diamon at http://bit.ly/1f8XHPs

ISBN 978-93-80637-03-7 / Paperback / B Format / 120 pages with 10 b&w illustrations / Rs. 125

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