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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Story of a Relationship

Now or NeverRamendra Kumar

Cover Design and Illustrations by Agantuk
He felt the gloved fist crash into him. The searing pain seemed to rip him apart as he landed on the ground. He could hear thousands of young, hopeful voices shouting his name, urging him to get up and smother his opponent. He could also faintly hear the referee beginning his count. He looked up. The person he loved most in his life was in his line of vision. His face had gone white as if he was seeing death itself. He struggled to his feet.

As his opponent came hurtling towards him, he knew he had to make one last-ditch effort. It was now or never…

Buy Now or Never at http://bit.ly/1iPUB6V

ISBN 978-81-905748-8-4 / Paperback / B Format / 112 pages with 6 b&w illustrations / Rs. 125

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