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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some of the best Indian short stories

Selected Short StoriesPremchand
Translated from Hindi by Swapna Dutta & Pranava Kumar Singh

Cover Design by Agantuk
Munshi Premchand brought realism into fiction and introduced the genre of short story while writing in Hindi and Urdu. He wrote in a simple, direct and highly expressive language that reflected the social milieu of his times.

Selected Short Stories brings together seven of Premchand’s masterpieces that transcend time and place. These stories speak of human emotions that have universal appeal—love, sacrifice, compassion, resolve, justice, respect and friendship.

Hamid’s selfless act, Sujan Singh’s quest to identify a suitable candidate for the top post, Bansidhar’s unwavering resolve in face of the power of money, the friendship between Hira-Moti and Jumman-Alagu, the temporary intoxication of Ishwari’s friend and the evolving relationship between two brothers are poignant stories that will be of enduring value to young readers.

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ISBN 978-81-905748-0-8 / Paperback / B Format / 112 pp / Rs. 125

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