Friday, January 30, 2009

A star could change your life

Star Struck
Charu Bahri

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."

It was twelve-year old Gita's favourite poem. She loved the stars. They were her best friends...

Until a star appeared on the day her grandma passed away. Does it have a message for her? Is this the reason why she has a new friend? Or is losing touch with an old one?

Can a star change your life?

Star Struck is the story of a girl caught up in a series of events that change her life, both at school and at home.

And make her realise what really matters...


"Star Struck highlights the subtle, yet powerful fact of how our upbringing, the values and the principles our parents instill in us during our childhood make us who we are...this book is a great read for children and also for the young at heart who would love to tour the magical world of children once in a while." Christy Melroy, Complete Wellbeing

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Paperback / Rs. 95 / 110 pages with 5 b&w illustrations / ISBN 978-81-905748-3-9