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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ghost, Maths and the power of imagination

The Ghost of Gosain Bagan
Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay

Translated from Bengali by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee

Life becomes miserable for young Burun after he scores thirteen in Mathematics in his annual exams. An easy life becomes one full of hardships and ridicule. Depressed, he ventures out of his house one day and enters the deserted Gosain Bagan, where he encounters a ghost Nidhiram. But Burun does not fear Nidhiram. On the other hand, Nidhiram is determined to scare Burun, as his reputation is at stake. Does he succeed?

And what happens when Burun goes back to school? Or what about Habu, the goonda turned tantrik, who has terrorised his town and threatens to kill Burun's grandpa?

The Ghost of Gosain Bagan is a ghost story with a difference. Full of whimsical characters, adventure, daredevilry unexpected turn of events, the story is drenched in humour.


“…a great starting point for teens into the world of classic literature.” Times of India

“Some of the most delightful stories of India are found in regional languages…Isn’t it wonderful that even if you can’t read Bengali or Tamil or Punjabi, you now have so many enchanting stories to choose from. Well this is one such.” Deccan Herald

“Bengalis’ used to lament that the children’s stories of Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay have not been translated into English, otherwise they could have easily competed with Harry Potter. Atlast, a wonderful translation of his unforgettable book, Gosain Baganer Bhoot, has come which the non-Bengali readers can now enjoy.” Desh, a Bengali fortnightly

“One has to applaud the translator for his attempt to translate a book that has achieved cult status in Bengali children’s literature” Hindustan Times

“Its all magic” Boier Desh, The World of Books, a quarterly Bengali supplement

“…now that The Ghost of Gosain Bagan has been brilliantly translated by Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharya, J.K. Rowling will be able to read this riveting Bengali fictional text and perhaps wonder how a local writer in India had anticipated the subtext of the Harry Potter series…” Sanjukta Dasgupta, a poet, critic and translator is presently Professor of English and Dean of Faculty of Arts of Calcutta University in www.parabaas.com

“The blurb of the book says 'a ghost story with a difference'. I agree, but not quite. The Ghost of Gosain Bagan can easily be called 'an aadventure story with a difference' or a 'fantasy story with a difference'. The author has added lots of humour, maths and ayurveda to this ghost-adventure-fantasy story, garnished it with black magic, daring feats and schoolboy pranks - and the end result is a delicious concoction...is enjoyable, intelligent and gloriously funny."

Divya Jain, Writer & Illustrator, Journal of the Indian section of IBBY / Quarterly Journal of Association of Writer's & Illustrator's for Children, January - March 2009

Paperback / Rs. 99 / 117 + iii pages with 8 b&w illustrations / ISBN 978-81-905748-2-2

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