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Friday, January 25, 2008

Heroes of India

Kesariya Bana and other Tales of Valour
Nimish Dubey

The tales in Kesariya Bana blend our great storytelling tradition with historical facts and figures. The stories are high on drama, emotion and some of them are viewed from an unconventional perspective. Written in a narrative style, these tales tell the story of eight heroic instances taken from different periods of Indian history. The stories are of people – individuals, great generals and mere foot soldiers – who stood for what they believed in, braving overwhelming odds.

Each of these stories ends with a glossary and a historical note, adding a unique flavour to the book. The defining moments of each story is illustrated, through 20 period specific illustrations, to add visually to the storytelling.

“…a peek into instances of extraordinary courage of Indian heroes…(which) are inspirational and aimed at luring children to take a look at our history, replete with instances of bravery and courage.” The Hindu
“The stories are riveting.” The Hindustan Times

“Unputdownable” Children’s World

“The accounts are a good mix of stories…they are built up well and the bravery leaves you a little goosebumpy.” Deccan Herald

“A collection of tales that are truly inspiring” The Maharashtra Herald

“Kids time to give these unsung heroes and their forgotten tales a well deserved read. Set aside your Archies and Harry Potters for a bit, pick up this anthology of eight short stories from Indian battlefields of yore …these are really gripping stories about Indian heroes and their valiant deeds. Read on and get inspired!” Times of India

Buy Kesariya Bana and other Tales of Valour at http://bit.ly/1cnJ0aJ

Paperback / Rs. 125 / 101 + viii pages with 20 b&w illustrations / ISBN 978-81-905748-0-8

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